Walking Tracker App

Walking can be an excellent approach to support your mental health. Even though it might appear to be a necessary type of activity, but it is one of the best exercises to boost your health.

Increasingly more versatile apps are designed to transform into the perfect partner for people who need to walk more and handle a progressively favorable lifestyle.

Walking apps are incredible because they can give knowing details about your enthusiasm, physical activities, and motivate you to remain concentrated on your health objectives.

Walking apps come in two basic types. Apps that mostly track your walking exercises show your speed, route, and distance while Pedometer apps follow yours throughout the daily steps and movement.

Fortunately, numerous apps do both by using the GPS and accelerometer chip in your cell phone. Here in this article, we have compiled listed some of the best walking tracker apps that will help to put you in shape and be healthy.

You can also check here the best Mobile Apps for your phone.


MapMyWalk Tracker App

MapMyWalk Tracker App

MapMyWalk enables you to see the time spent walking, pace, speed, height, distance, and calories consumed. At the point when you finish your walk, MapMyWalk enables you to upload and save your exercise information and view it both on the app and the MapMyWalk site.

MapMyWalk was made to screen more than 600 physical exercises, including walking. The app gives audio feedback during your walks for a progression of physical details. For example, the distance traveled the calories consumed and burn, the duration of the pace, or the height.

MapMyWalk social element gives you a cool feature of sharing the Routes, which empowers you to find appropriate spots for walking and share them with other different users.

Through MapMyWalk, the user will find the best features to stay on track and motivated to hit your goals. MapMyWalk is a helpful and best solution to track your walk on mobile.

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Features of MapMyWalk App

  • MapMyWalk shows the routes for your walk on your activity.
  • The app shows a red line on the route you have taken for exercise.
  • It determines your walk speed through GPS.
  • It gives audio feedback.
  • Can see mile by mile splits to analyze your exercise performance.
  • You can upload our walking activity on the app site.


WalkMeter Tracking App

WalkMeter Tracking App

Walkmeter is the most progressive app for exercise walkers, explorers, sprinters, and cyclists. It has some good times features to try.

Walkmeter Walking and Hiking GPS track your steps and rhythm using only your phone. It makes your phone a fantastic fitness computer with Google Maps. Through which you can see the route map, graphs laps, splits, and can automatically record weather updates.

Walkmeter walking, not just only track walking or hiking, but can also track cycling, skiing, running, and many other exercises. The app can also be paired with a smartwatch for more personalized training and workouts.

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Features of WalkMeter Tracking App

  • View user workout on a calendar.
  • Track your routes and activities while walking through GPS.
  • It can be paired with smartwatch and apple watch to track personalized workouts.
  • Can design your training plans.
  • Notify your family & friends about your progress and location.


Pedometer Step Counter Walking App

Pedometer Step Counter Walking App

Pedometer App is simple and best for daily use activities. The pedometer-step counter tracks your all-day steps, walking & weight loss with free health counter.

When it comes to counting our step and miles, the pacer app pedometer tracks your day all activity using your smartphone, smartwatch, or an apple watch.

Much like a daily basis, pedometer has weekly, monthly, even yearly charts to track your walk distance, calories burned, and health progress.

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Features of Pedometer Step Counter Walking App

  • pedometer tracks your complete activity history.
  • It can be paired with an apple watch to tracks your progress.
  • It gives the daily fitness plan to achieve your health goals.
  • The app GPS tracks your outdoor activities.
  • It focuses on exact steps and activity tracking.


Argus Walking Tracker App

Argus Walking Tracker App

Argus packs a lot of functions in itself, and it is all in one health and fitness app. It works as a throughout the day pedometer app using the movement sensor in your phone.

Argus isn’t your exemplary walking tracker app for your Android. Argus Walking App is a complex app that can help you in numerous manners to get fitter and healthier.

Argus Walking App shaves a super-easy calorie counter with a barcode scanner and a massive food database. With Argus, you can screen your walks or runs using either GPS or the day in and day out pedometer, which vows to be very delicate on the battery life on account of ultra-low battery usage technology.

It tracks your heart rate measure instantly with just your phone. Argus Walking App can measure your pulse during your physical exercises, can furnish you with a customized-healthy plan, and assist you with improving your eating routine and sustenance because of its impressive nourishment database.

You can also use it to screen and improve your sleep since it has rest following capacities. The incredible thing about it is that you can share it with everyone about your health accomplishments.

The app lets you effectively share your progress with a vast number of users.

Click here to download the Argus Walking Tracking App.

Features of Argus Walking Tracker App

  • The Argus app tracks your workout calories, time, a distance of our route.
  • Measure your heart rate automatically by using its sensors.
  • Join millions of users to share your achievements.
  • It can invite friends with challenges to motivate each other.
  • It tracks your activities like cycling, walking, running, skiing, etc.


Endomondo Walking App

Endomondo Walking App

Endomondo walking app is an exercise tracker that plans to be a fitness coach in your pocket. You can pick climbing, walking, strolling wellness, and walking the treadmill as your sport.

Endomondo walking app track your exercises using GPS, examine your details, arrive at your health objectives, and be a piece of our worldwide network of a vast number of health fitness and athletes.

Through the Endomondo app, you can set audio feedback, including motivational speech, separation, term, lap time, can also interface a pulse rate monitor and many more. You can share your exercises via social media.

At the point when you end, you see a guide of your route in the Endomondo walking app. The synopsis details incorporate separation, average pace, normal speed, most extreme speed, calories, hydration, least and most extreme elevation, total climb, and all total descent.

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Features of Endomondo Walking App.

  • Endomondo tracks your walking, running, cycling using GPS.
  • It also logs your indoors workout activities.
  • Can set audio feedback about your walk.
  • It can show all your routes through your activities.
  • Can share your fitness progress via social media.


ActivityTracker Walking App

ActivityTracker Walking App

ActivityTracker is an app intended to monitor your day by day physical activities. With ActivityTracker, you’re generally fully informed regarding your progress.

It shows all the necessary details about your month to month, week by week, every day and even hourly action. The activity tracker app offers you the chance to set a week after week target and gives an everyday goal pertinent to that target.

ActivityTracker is an android walking monitor which helps to take advantage of the built-in motion processors for tracking. The app monitors all your movements without draining your phone battery life. The activity tracker is one of the best walking tracker apps for health.

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Features of ActivityTraker Walking App

  • ActivityTracker app tracks your all-day activity without draining your battery life.
  • The app overviews your hour by hour activity.
  • It also tracks your steps as well as distance covered.
  • It also tracks weekly and monthly walks activity.
  • You can also import/export different features to another device.


Just Draw Route Planner Walking App

Just Draw Route Planner Walking App

Just Draw Route Planner allows you to map out all outline routes easily. Follow a path with your finger, and the app will show all trails and streets that will enable you to finish your walk.

Draw your route on the guide, just swiping your finger, and get the complete path separation immediately. As simple as drawing it.

Just draw route planner app is quick and easy to use; it also enables you to save and share routes for a later walk and can work offline as well.

Just Draw Route Planner is the perfect app for all kinds of outdoor activities like Walking, Running, Jogging, Hiking, etc.

Click here to download Just Draw Route Planner App.

Features of Just Draw Route Planner App

  • Route Planner calculates the distance between two points.
  • It also allows us to import and export GPX files.
  • It can easily map out all outline routes.
  • The app is simple and perfect for all near outdoor activities.


Walking App Walking for Weight Loss

Walking App Walking for Weight Loss

Walking for weight loss is a professional walking app for all fitness plans and specially designed for weight loss. The walking app suites diverse exercise goals and exercise levels.

Walking App provides three challenging levels for all workout users. The Walking app aims to help weight loss and burn fat in a short time.

Walking for weight loss app supports both outdoor walking and indoor treadmill workouts. It has the audio feature which will guide you through each exercise.

Click here to download the Walking App.

Features of Walking App Tracker

  • The walking app features most professional workout plans.
  • It tracks detailed your workout tracking.
  • It supports and has a unique feature of playing music function.
  • Walking app provides tips to keep you motivated about fat burning, weight loss, and diet food.
  • The app tracks your calories, time, distance, and pace.


WalkLogger Walking Tracker App

WalkLogger Walking Tracker App

WalkLogger is a pedometer/step counter that gives you a chance to monitor your physical activity, easily and naturally

The WalkLogger progression counter checks your means, and you get evaluations of your distance walk or run, your active calorie consumes, and your total calorie consumptions.

WalkLogger uses the implicit accelerometer to measure your physical activity for the day, which implies it will not drain your cell phone’s battery.

The WalkLogger Walking app pedometer records and shows the number of steps, the distance covered or running, the time you were active, just as the total calorie consumptions.

WalkLogger walking app stays on in the background while you are not moving and automatically determines when you start walking. Another nice feature of the WalkLogger app is that you can share your achievements and progress on popular social networks.

Click here to download Walklogger Walking App.

Features of WalkLogger Walking Tracker App

  • WalkLogger monitors your physical activities easily.
  • Can estimate calories you burn being active.
  • The app gets activity logs with detailed information about your run, walk steps.
  • Measure your steps distance cover and sets targets to achieve your goals.
  • Can share your progress on social media networks.


Strava Walking Tracker App

Strava Walking Tracker App

Strava walking app can be used to follow a more significant number of exercises. The app tracks your health with the Strava movement tracker. Record routes, map your preferred trail or run and analyze to break down your stats with all the details and all for free.

Strava can track from going through to windsurfing, and obviously, walking. With the assistance of GPS, it can measure walking, time, rise increase, calories, and routes. It’s even conceivable to follow your heart pulse rate that you match up the app with your pulse monitor

Strava gives you monthly base fitness or walking challenges, which push you to compete with other users. The app mixes up your run with the world’s largest trail network.

Strava walking app compares your performance over time by tracking running, cycling, and swimming. The app has a unique feature mile counter, through which you can track your daily activities.

Click here to download the Strava Walking Tracking App.
You can also download the Android Blood Pressure Apps for your cell phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Features of Strava Walking Tracker App

  • The app helps to monitor your activities with the Strava movement tracker.
  • The app is free and easy to use.
  • Strava walking app monitors your daily activities via phone GPS tracker.
  • The app motivates you via different tips and fitness tips.
  • You can compare your performance with your last activity.
  • Mile counter tracks your daily activities.

Is There an App That Tracks How Far You Walk?

MapMyWalk GPS for iPhone, Android or Windows.

MapMyWalk enables you to see the time spent walking, distance, pace, speed, height, and calories consumed. At the point when you finish, MapMyWalk enables you to transfer and spare your exercise information and view it both on the app and on the MapMyWalk site.

What is the Best Walking App for Android?

The best Android apps for walking & counting steps.

  • Activity Tracker. ActivityTracker is an app intended to monitor your day by day physical activities. With ActivityTracker you’re generally fully informed regarding your progress.
  • Walk Meter. Walkmeter is the most progressive app for exercise walkers, explorers, sprinters, and cyclists. It has some good times features to try.
  • Map My Walk. MapMyWalk enables you to see the time spent walking, pace, speed, height, distance, and calories consumed.
  • WalkLogger. WalkLogger is a pedometer/step counter that gives you a chance to monitor your physical activity, easily and naturally.
  • Just draw Route Planner. Just Draw Route Planner allows you to easily map out all outline routes.

Can Your Phone Track Your Steps?

You don’t need to bother with a smartwatch, fitness band, or pedometer to follow your steps. Your phone can follow what number of steps you take and how far you walk without anyone else’s input, expecting you simply convey it with you in your pocket. It’s incorporated with the Apple Health application on iPhones and the Google Fit application on Android phones.

Can I Use Google Maps to Track My Walk?

You can monitor your run by making an intelligent guide. There are various devices accessible that can assist you in following your run using Google Maps. These instruments furnish sprinters and walkers with simple approaches to gauge separations of their runs, strolls, runs, and climbs using Google Maps.

What is the Best App to Track Walking?

MapMyWalk is one of the best for track walking and is available for iOS or Android. Some of the best features of the walking app are

  • Can see mile by mile splits to analyze your exercise performance.
  • MapMyWalk shows the routes for your walk on your activity.
  • You can upload our walking activity on the app site.
  • The app shows a red line on the route you have taken for exercise.
  • It gives audio feedback.
  • It determines your walk speed through GPS.

What is the Best Free Fitness App for Android?

8 Best Fitness and walking Apps For Android

  • Home Workout.
  • Map My Fitness Workout Trainer.
  • Strava GPS: Running, Cycling and Activity Tracker.
  • Sworkit Workouts & Fitness Plans.
  • JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Planner.
  • MyFitnessPal.
  • MapMyWalk.
  • WalkLogger.

Is Map My Walk Free?

Yes, Map my walk app is free and is one of the best apps for monitoring your Walks. MapMyWalk enables you to see the time spent walking, pace, speed, height, distance, and calories consumed.

What is the Most Accurate Step Counter?

WalkLogger. The WalkLogger progression counter checks your means and you get evaluations of your distance walk or run, your active calorie consumes and your all-out calorie consumptions.

Are Phone Pedometers Accurate?

Yes, phone pedometer is accurate, but there are several other best pedometer walking apps that are best for your health and phone.

  • WalkLogger
  • Map My Walk
  • MyfitnessPal
  • WalkMeter

How Many Miles are 10000 Steps?

How far are 10,000 stages? A normal individual has a walk length of around 2.1 to 2.5 feet. That implies that it takes more than 2,000 steps to walk one mile, and 10,000 steps would be just about 5 miles.

Can I Track How Far I Walk on My iPhone?

In any case, for those with another iPhone, the Health app can be valuable at the present time since it can follow your means like a pedometer, just as flights of stairs climbed, and your walking/running distance.

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