Notepad for Android

Description of Notepad for Android

In the current beyond, a lot of us have continually carried a note and a pen to speedy to take notes when vital. Of route, in some cases, making notes in a Notepad is a lot extra convenient, but in recent times you may use Notepad for Android is cutting-edge technology once in a while, in smartphones.

There are many applications like Notepad for Android that allow you to take notes without delay in your cellphone quickly, and these days’ article we determined to commit just such software solutions. We present the high-quality notepad for Android applications, which you can download and install from the authentic Google Play Store.

Notepad for Android app is a straightforward text editor. It’s been part of the window for years. The app is right if you need to edit a script, an HTML document, or take a short note. The app has remained unchanged for the maximum element; however, it is still an excellent app.

Here you can get the best Mobile Apps for your android phone.

Features of Notepad for Android

  • Simple interact that most of the users find easy to use.
  • No limits on notes length or a number of notes.
  • Creating and editing text notes.
  • Sharing notes with other apps.
  • Widgets allowing quickly creating or editing notes.
  • Backup function for saving and loading notes from a backup file.

Best Notepad Apps for Android

Colornote Notepad App for Android

Colornote Notepad App for AndroidColorNote is a notepad program for android, which allows you to create a huge number of individual notes and reminders, as well as to form by category and highlight with different colors, that would not forget where something is. Get ColorNote app for free now.

Evernote App for Android

Evernote App for Android

As an observe-taking app, it’s not exactly sudden that Evernote’s greatest energy and primary consciousness is observe-taking.

Evernote’s default organizational schema is based totally on the conference of Notes and Notebooks. Individual files are stored in Notes that may then be organized into thematic Notebooks. Multiple Notebooks can be combined to create Notebook Stacks. It’s that simple.

But as honest as Evernote’s organizational shape can be, without a doubt taking notes in Evernote isn’t as pinnacle as it can be. Click here to download this app.

Searching in EverNote

Evernote’s Search Capability Could be Very Well.

For starters, Evernote boasts a very strong optical character reputation (OCR) technology. (That’s not surprising when you examine that Evernote founder Stepan Pachikov created Paragraph, an OCR device that Apple obtained and implemented into its Newton hand-held pc inside the past due Nineteen Eighties.)

That approach that Evernote can correctly search scanned images of handwriting as quick as it could search typewritten notes.FairNote Notepad App for Android.

FairNote is an easy and intuitive notepad app, providing you with pace and performance while writing notes, making to-do lists, or jotting down brief ideas. You can prepare notes using labels/tags and exceptional colors, use reminders to keep higher music of your tasks, shield sensitive information using enterprise-standard encryption, and satisfactory of all, in case your device has fingerprint aid, you may encrypt/decrypt notes the usage of fingerprint authentication.

Features of EverNote

  • Create text and checklist notes
  • Assign labels/tags and hues to note
  • Protect notes with AES-256 encryption
  • Encrypt/decrypt notes in my opinion, or in batch
  • Backup/repair notes the use of Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex Disk or Device Storage
  • Add new notes at once from the notification place
  • Pin often used notes to the reputation bar and quickly get right of entry to them from the notification location
  • Set reminder for observing, even for pinned notes
  • Organize notes in list or grid view
  • Powerful text search, highlighting complete and partial matches
  • Sort notes via date, coloration or alphabetically
  • Filter notes by means of labels
  • Receive shared texts from other apps
  • Semi-obvious home screen widget
  • Batch operations
  • Add domestic display screen shortcut to specific notes
  • Markdown preview
  • Import textual content file
  • Export to text record(individual or batch)
  • Undo-redo functionality
  • Auto or manual-store preference
  • Search and replace textual content
  • Available translations: Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, Korean, Polish and Spanish

Pro Functions of EverNote

  • Dark subject
  • Recurring reminder
  • Encrypt all notes with one click
  • Encrypt/decrypt notes the usage of fingerprint authentication

Finite Notepad App for Android

Finite Notepad App for Android

FiiNote-an software with which you could effortlessly make up any mark. In this software, not an only text is inserted but there may be also supported for screenshots, numerous pictures, and links to internet resources. With this application, write down any record to be had to you.

Also within the program, there’s a guide for a variety of various fonts and textual content formatting. If there’s a choice, you may spotlight the text in distinct colors or change the color of the letters themselves. If you want to pick the desired text area, then you’ll not find a more convenient manner. Google. 

Now Reminders Notepad App for Android

Now Reminders Notepad App for Android

All the cool task managers allow you to set a reminder when exactly you need to complete the task. So, Google keeps should remind you of your note. Also, this reminder will be displayed in Google Now.

There are more step function-reminders by location. This function is ideal for use in the store. They wrote a list of products to be bought and set a reminder for the location of the store.

And even if you forget that you need to go to the store, Google keeps will remind you about it.

Download the reminder notepad app now from the play store.

You can also get Roblox Apk Download for your android phone.

Restore a Note Notepad App for Android

If you delete a be aware, and when you need it, then you may certainly study hoe to use the advantage function. 

Click at the icon in the upper left corner and pick “cart”. Then pick the observe you want and click at the icon wherein the crossed basket is proven. Everything, the be aware is restored.

Add Scanned Texts Notepad App for Android

Sometimes we need to add to the notes the text already current in some form in the actual international. It can be a page from an e-book, a timetable on a cabinet door or a humorous advertising slogan on the road.

In Google maintain, you could add photos, and the software is capable of recognizing the textual content contained on them.  Just tap on the image, after which select the “apprehend textual content” command from the menu.

LectureNotes Notepad  App for Android

LectureNotes Notepad App for Android

The lectureNotes program is an application designed to keep notes on the pill the usage of a handwritten input approach with a stylus. This software will assist to report lectures and abstracts to students, as there is the possibility of making a drawing, or handwriting, so your precis may be whole and no statistics might be lost. Click here to download this app.

Material Notes Notepad App for Android

Material word is a colorful note useful workplace software for android, which is ideal for forgetful people.

The supplied software program is positioned as an opportunity notepad with protected notes. The user of this system gains a common device that lets in you instantly create crucial facts and lists.

The friendly interface has a pleasing material layout.

The main menu displays multi-colored records and lists, which form an unmarried faucet with tiles. The observe advent window assumes the instantaneous use of the PIN code, shade choice and the function of sending to the archive.

Additional putting lets in you to proportion notes with integrated offerings, expert statistics to text files and quickly clean the trash.

Omni Notes app for Android

Omni Notes app for Android

Practical and convenient, download Omni notes on android and start planning your lifestyles effectively. An exceptional feature of this software is open source code, which makes it useful, handy, and practical to apply.

You can have an extraordinary observe the method of planning and placing duties. From now on, you could paintings simultaneously with several notes; make vital notes, edit and delete. Convenient seek by using content material and heading will assist fast locate the essential reminder and other notes. Download this app now and write your note.

OneNote App for Android

OneNote for Android is extremely extra ascetic in terms of design than for the iPhone or iPad and appears quite fuzzy. However, the possibilities for the android model are almost equal, with some exceptions.

Android model OneNote supports viewing any text patterns which might be in the computer version. However, this difference ends. Tags left or right alignment, nearly all inserts, except photo-formulas, files, photos and everything else from the “insert” menu of the computing device model, lamentably, isn’t displayed.

SomNote Notepad App for Android

SomNote Notepad App for Android

This pocketbook for notes can attraction to enthusiasts of classic folders and files, notes may be included from an outsider by way of setting a PIN at the software.

The software program differs from maximum analogs with a lovely layout. It is ideal for growing textual content notes. Along with the software program, widgets are hooked up at the system, which may be designed to simplify the techniques of making new notes. click to download this app.

ClevNote Notepad App for Android

ClevNote is a memo app to assist customers to jot down memos important each day.

The listing of memos supported by means of this app is as follows.

  •  Manage bank account number
  • If you enter the bank account quantity, you may reproduction it to the clipboard or ship it to someone.
  •  Manage checklist
  • You can write down necessary objects and use those in a shopping listing or to-do listing.
  • You can freely alter items for to-do lists, challenge lists or any kind of factors-to-do lists.
  • Manage Birthdays list
  •  It reminds you of approximately family or friends’ birthdays. It helps calendar mode.
  • Four. Manage website online IDs
  •  Since there are limitless net websites out there, it is tough to recollect your IDs. This function lets you don’t forget them.
  • Five. General text memo
  •  You can without difficulty write down textual content memos.
  • Even lengthy memos can be okay.

Functions of ClevNote Android App

  • Cloud backup and restore through Google Drive
  •  Reminder feature
  • Widget Simple Notepad

Simple Notepad is another replacement for paper notepads. A simple and easy way to write your notes on it. The interface of the program is very simple, you will see the + icon in the top panel allowing you to add a new note for which you can set the important, reminder and other useful.

Inkpad Notepad App for Android

Inkpad Notepad App for Android

Like most different similar utility, inkpad notepad permits you to take care of all of the facts this is to your cellphone. The key factor of this program is getting admission to all notes on the web page inkpadNotepad.

The application is designed as a paper notepad and can be used to create notes, to-do lists, buying lists and to keep and edit them if vital. click to download this app now.

Just Notepad Android App

The difference between this utility and other competitors is the similarity with a notepad from the Microsoft Windows platform. This software can be released at any time, even while you are talking at the smartphone to make notes. You can certainly close it, once you finish typing and the software will routinely shop notes.

Google Docs Notepad App for Android

Although Google Docs in an alternative to Microsoft Word, it is often used as a note application. It may seem that this is like shooting cannon on sparrows but the program has synchronization, you can create lists and also share records in one touch.

Simplenote App for Android

Simplenote App for Android 

A simple note is a free application that is very easy and faster than other applications for storing text files. This app has the ability to work in any operating system and device.

Download the simpleNote app now and enjoy it.

GNotes  App for Android

GNotes App for Android

With the help of GNotes you can make any note by using your android phone. This app is easy to see if you download it. It has many great functions and it can differ from other applications by its properties.

The application will create a short text note; create a list of different types of photos and notes. Notes can be divided into topics for a convenient and quick search of the desired one.

Notepad ++ for Android

Notepad ++ is an extremely popular program, and it would be strange if the expert did not develop an application version that can be used on the super popular android mobile platform.

Click here to download this app now and write your text.

FetchNotes  Notepad App for Android

Fetchnotes is a be aware-taking utility this is to be had on all of the maximum well-known platforms.

Externally Fetchnotes looks quite simple. Almost the whole display screen takes a listing of notes and pleasant a green button from underneath makes it clear the way to create new information the least bit. The essential display screen additionally has a seek button this is wanted for searching.

The be aware may be tagged, set a reminder, and upload those who additionally want to be aware of it. Add a reminder or archive a be aware of gestures. 

When developing a reminder, you do not want to enter a specific date and time. It is sufficient handiest to pick out an approximate time while you want to remember a be aware, as an instance “the next day night” or “in recent times afternoon”, and Fetchnotes will remind you of the event in this period.

3Folders in FetchNote

In the software, there are 3 folders: main, reminders, and archive. The Archive folder performs the equal feature as within the mail.

There you may notes which might be now not desired but in destiny, they may be able to come in available. It may be very accessible to paintings with tags. Marking them notes, you may overlook approximately the inconvenience of sorting or the complexity of the quest.

Fetchnotes will be a brilliant opportunity for folks that for some cause do not like Evernote. This is smooth, reachable, and most significantly, free software to enchantment to people who want to quickly make their mind inside the software and do no longer spend too much time on it.

Memo Notepad App for Android

Memo Notepad App for Android

A smooth and smooth location in your mind and notes

Memo Notepad is a totally easy and easy manner to write down your notes in Chrome. Your notes are saved as you type for your neighborhood computer, and you can moreover sync and backup your notes through the cloud provider.

Memo Notepad is much like an actual lifestyle notepad: what you write on it, stays there. There’s no ready or pressing several buttons, it is as easy and clean as a piece of paper 😉 Memo Notepad is a fantastic location to your thoughts, e-mail drafts, journals, lists, or examine notes.

You can use Memo Notepad offline or on-line, all your notes made offline will sync while you get again on-line. You can get right of entry to all your notes offline.

You can seek via your notes, and discover what you’re searching out instantly as you kind. You can get admission to your notes.

Everywhere through www.Memonotepad.Com. Free iPhone and iPad variations are to be had on the App Store and an Android version is in development. Get this app now.

Google Keep Notes and Lists

Quickly seize what’s to your mind and get a reminder later at the proper place or time. Speak a voice memo at the cross and have it routinely transcribed. 

Grab an image of a poster, receipt or record and without difficulty arrange or find it later in search. Google Keep makes it easy to capture a concept or list for yourself, and percentage it with pals and own family. Download this app now.

Capture what’s on Your Thoughts

  • Add notes, lists and images to Google Keep. Pressed for time? Record a voice memo and Keep will transcribe it so that you can discover it later.
  • Share thoughts with pals and circle of relatives
  • Easily plan that surprise party through sharing your Keep notes with others and participating in them in real-time.

Find What You Want, Speedy

Color and add labels to code notes to speedy organize and get on along with your existence. If you need to locate something you saved, an easy search will turn it up.

Always Within Attain

Keep works on your smartphone, tablet, computer, and Android wearables. Everything you add syncs across all of your gadgets so your thoughts are continual with you.

The Proper Notice on the Right Time

Need to recollect choosing up a few groceries? Set a vicinity-based reminder to pull up your grocery list right when you get to the store.

Permissions Notice

Camera: This is used to attach images to notes in Keep.

Contacts: This is used to share notes to contacts.

Microphone: This is used to connect audio to notes.

Location: This is used to set and fireplace location-based reminders.

Storage: This is used to feature attachments from the garage to their notes.

Simplenote App for Android

simple note app for android

Simplenote is a free software program that could be a speedy, inexperienced, and easy-to-use carrier for storing textual content notes. And the information is synchronized on all connected devices.

There is likewise the opportunity of walking collectively on notes and storing earlier variations of notes on servers, which lets in you to move returned to the previous nation of the be aware at any time. Besides, there may be an right now seek and sorting of notes.

Download SimpleNote app now.

Advantages Simplenote

Multiplatform. Ability to work under any existing device and any running device.

Password safety. This is a simple but very important function that is missing in most cellular word-taking packages, even in giants like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote. 

We can’t agree with the recording machine, access to that can get a stranger, for example, in case of robbery of a phone.

Minimalistic Design.

  • Tagging of tags and the next sorting by using the manner of those tags.
  • Offline paintings together with your mobile tool.
  • The ability to offer public get admission to reading notes for everyone, as well as sharing get admission to modifying notes with other Simplenote clients.
  • The ability to download all your notes in one click on within the shape of a.Zip-archive. Very secure.
  • The provider is completely loose. No pop-up commercials in the application, no pinnacle class abilities, available best for a paid subscription.

Monospace – Writing and Notes

Among newshounds, bloggers, copywriters, minimalistic textual content editors are very famous that allow you to paintings without distractions. But you need to put in writing texts now not at a convenient table on a computing tool or laptop, however “inside the challenge” using a smartphone or tablet. For such instances, we need you to endorse the text editor Monospace.

The software Monospace is a textual content editor, wherein the emphasis is at the text, and no longer on beautiful factors of layout, laptop portraits, and buttons. When you run this machine, you generally will now not see any controls – in reality, textual content on a darkish or slight background.

However, there may be still formatting in Monospace. To use it, you want to choose a phrase or part of the text, and then select out the preferred parameter from the pop-up panel that appears. Thus, you could pick out the text in italics, make it bold, create a list, designate a pick out or a quote.

Organize notes in Monospace

To organize notes, a tag device is used. You just placed a grate on the prevention of the textual content, and after it listing the tags that relate to this newsletter. The software program moreover allows nested tags, which makes it accessible to prepare even a huge series of texts.

Of path, we couldn’t assist asking approximately the renovation and backup of texts. With this, Monospace is all right. First, you can percentage your paintings in any reachable way with you the usage of the equal antique “Share” menu in Android. And secondly, all files created in this newsletter editor are mechanically stored in Dropbox.

This will allow you to set up synchronization among several cellular gadgets, and usually have a backup in case of unexpected disruptions.

In popular, Monospace is a reasonably interesting text editor, especially for those customers who choose minimalism. The absence of controls makes it possible to popularity fine on the textual content being typed, and also to store the display screen area, which on cellular gadgets is always missing.

Capabilities of Monospace

  • Synchronize your notes with the web developer carrier for smooth editing to your PC and get entry to them from any tool.
  • Sign in with your Google Account.
  • An elegant interface and lovely font.
  • Use the usual machine font.
  • Create, edit, and delete notes, to-do lists, purchases, and so forth.
  • Create a backup of notes at the SD card (possibly computerized).
  • Automatic saving.
  • Displays the time while the be aware turned into created.
  • Sort alphabetically and by means of advent date.

Dropbox Paper Android App

Dropbox Paper Android App

Lately, I’ve come to consider Dropbox Paper as the great note-taking app for Android. Microsoft OneNote still wins in terms of sheer strength and capabilities, but Dropbox Paper moves delicate stability among usability, intuitiveness, collaboration, appearance, and performance.

Dropbox Paper is a notes app that shops every word at the cloud for your Dropbox account. Cloud storage ways your notes are handy on any device, anywhere, so long as you have got net get right of entry to. If you don’t have net get entry to, you may nevertheless edit while offline and the adjustments will sync when you’re lower back on line.

Yes, you’ll need a free Dropbox account to apply Dropbox Paper! But it’s well worth it.

Other remarkable features consist of notes sharing and online collaboration (so your pals and own family can view and edit notes with you).

Folders for the employer, checklists, due dates, annotations and comments, and integration with different productiveness gear like calendars and Google Docs.

Who should use this app? Pretty plenty everyone except electricity customers and people who favor taking notes via stylus or pen. Dropbox Paper is both simple yet effective and is perfectly suited for most customers. Click to download this app for free.

Top 15 Best Free Notepad Apps For Android And iOS

Notepad is one of the most useful for all users. It helps you to create a note of your ideas. You can easily note down your thoughts for your upcoming projects. If you have a smartphone then you can easily make a note on your phone using notepad apps.

Notepad apps reduce the use of paper and pen. Now don’t have to carry a paper or pen with you if you have a smartphone. Most of the people still carry a pen and paper in addition to their smartphones as they think that it is a faster way to create a note.

There are many apps available to create a new note using your voice. You have to install those apps and easily create a note in a fast way.

In this article, we are listing top most popular and working notepad apps for both android and iOS users. These apps must replace your trusty pen and paper from your pocket once you use the notepad app. You can easily create a list of groceries, vegetables, project ideas and others on your smartphone.

All of these apps are easy to use and create, edit, delete a note on your phone. It also helps you to make a to-do list or also edit documents on your smartphone for free.

Notepad Apps for Android and Ios

  1. inks Pad
  2. Notepad
  3. Evernote
  4. Google Keep
  5. OneNote
  6. Easy Note
  7. Notes
  8. Notebook by Zoho
  9. Diary
  11. GNotes
  12. Simple Notepad
  13. Sticky Notes
  14. Simplenote
  15. Todoist

Inkpad Notepad App for Android

Inkpad Notepad App for Android

InkPad Notepad is one of the best free notepad apps for android and iOS users. It is a simple, easy to use and elegant app that allows you to keep your notes on your smartphone or on the web. You can also use this app as a To-do list app to keep your worklist on your smartphone.

It reduces the use of pen and paper now you can write all notes like shopping items, grocery items, or anything special on your device and save it online. Your smartphone.

All of these apps are easy to use and create, edit, delete a note on your phone. It also helps you to make a to-do list or also edit documents on your smartphone for free.

Click to download the inkpad app for free now.

Notepad App for Android

Notepad is an easy and simple notepad app for android and iOS users. It is a popular app that allows you to create notes on your smartphone for free.

There are different writing and editing tools available on this app so that you can easily create a new note or edit any previous note on the smartphone for free. You can also use this app as your private diary to story your secret notes.

Click to download this best notepad app now.

EverNote Sticky Notes Notepad App for Android

Desktop. Your notes will usually live insight so that you won’t forget them. Evernote Sticky Notes is easy to apply and versatile; each note could have a custom shade assigned to make it greater distinguished from the opposite notes.

Evernote Sticky Notes has brilliant synchronization functionality, because of this your notes are mechanically synchronized together with your Evernote account and live up to date throughout multiple gadgets.

The application offers a more productive manner to get admission to your Evernote notes. The notes are routinely synchronized with your Evernote account. Evernote Sticky Notes is suitable for all users who want to have their Evernote notes displayed in a greater convenient fashion.

Key Features Include:

  • Customized shade notes.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Lightweight.
  • Enhanced Synchronization.

Google Keep app for Android

Google Keep is another popular app that allows you to capture, create, edit, share your ideas using your android or iOS device. You can easily create notes on your smartphone using this app save, share them with your friends for free.

Like Evernote it can also be used as the voice to text apps that allows you to create a new note using your voice. Easily search and filter for your notes by color, title, and other attributes.

Click to download the Google keep app now.

OneNote  App for Android

Google Keep is another popular app that allows you to capture, create, edit, share your ideas using your android or iOS device. You can easily create notes on your smartphone using this app save, share them with your friends for free.

Like Evernote it can also be used as the voice to text apps that allow you to create a new note using your voice. Easily search and filter for your notes by color, title, and other attributes.

Easy Note App for Android

Easy Note is a popular notepad app for android and iOS users which helps you to create notes and also color text with different colors according to you.

You can easily create a note of your thought and ideas which are in your mind and also search them easily. It also allows you to use this app as to-do list so that create the different task and shopping list with its time to do on your smartphone. It is the best apps like Evernote for android and iOS with lots of unique features. Download this app now.

Color Notes App for Android

Color Notes is a simple and easy to use notepad app for android and iOS users with unique features. It allows you to create new notes with different color options and also edit any old notes to make it more interesting.

There are two different note-taking formats as a lined-paper styled text option and a checklist option available on this app. You can easily use any of them according to you to create a new note or edit an old one with a unique color style option. Click here to download this app now.

Notebook by Zoho App for Android

Notebook by Zoho App for Android

Notebook by Zoho is a popular notepad app for android and iOS which allows you to take note, record audio and also capture screen and ideas which are on your mind.

All of the notes will be automatically and instantly synced across all of your devices and to the cloud. You can easily get access to notes on different devices anytime, anywhere for free. It has also an option to group the notes according to different categories, dates of completion and others.

Download this app now for free.

Diary Notepad App for Android

Diary is a simple and easy to use notepad app which allows you to note daily thoughts and ideas on your smartphone with different styles. It has a beautiful user interface that has an amazing feature of autosave your notes on your device or cloud.

You can also use this app to create new or edit documents on your smartphone. It has also an option to create password-protected notes, content, or PDF file so that no one can access your personal notes. Notepad App for Android Notepad App for Android is a clean, easy to use and better notepad app for android and iOS users which supports speech recognition, location reminders, file attachments, and others.

It has listed different beautiful themes so that you can use any of them according to your interest to create new notes or edit any old one. One of the best and unique features of this app is to supports video, audio, photo and other media attachment on your notes with drag and drop features.

Download this app for free now.

GNotes  App for Android

GNotes is an app developed by Appest Limited with unique note features. It helps you to create new notes, or edit any of your old notes on your smartphone for free. You can easily sync your data on the web and get access to it anytime, anywhere and any device.

Along with text, it allows you to use a checklist, audio, videos, images, and others on your notes. There is a beautiful search option on this app that allows you to find the exact info in GNotes.

Download this app now for free.

Simple Notepad Android App

Simple Notepad is another popular easy to use and free notepad apps for android and iOS users. It allows you to create quick notes about what is in your mind or your ideas.

It offers some unique features as to changing font style, color, font family and other. You can also apply operations like cut, copy, paste, and share or send your notes with others for free.

Along with these it also allows you to create a reminder and password-protected documents and


Sticky Notes Android App

Sticky Notes Android App

A sticky be aware is the first-rate strategy to manipulate critical notes and reminders.

When you get a new concept or new important assignment, you may quick upload it to the use of “Sticky Notes” and it’s going to remind you continually approximately that assignment.

Floating Stickies is a totally easy and beneficial app that helps you to maintain notes of the matters which you keep on forgetting or matters that you want to consider.

Using “Sticky Notes” you could effortlessly upload notes, resize it, decrease it or delete it very without problems. Click here to get this app for free.


  • Sticky notes are seen over other apps
  • You can drag sticky notes everywhere on the display
  • You can resize the be an aware size
  • Can decrease the notes
  • You can edit sticky notes by way of touching the textual content inner
  • Easily delete the notes while necessary
  • Share textual content and accept shared textual content from different apps.
  • Copy, paste and clean all textual content.
  • Simple to use
  • Create notes instantly even as surfing the web, studying books, looking at movies, playing video games or at the same time as attending a name!

Simplenote Android App

Simplenote is a popular, simple and easy to use app which allows you to create notes, list on your smartphone from your ideas. It provides an option to share notes with others so that all of you can collaborate on a project together.

You can easily edit or delete any of the notes when needed. All of your notes will be saved on your smartphone but you can also save it online and synchronized automatically after creating an account.

Todoist Android App

Todoist Android App

Todoist is a popular app to create a to-do list on your smartphone. You can easily create, edit, or delete any task or to-do list on your android or iOS device.

It is free, easy to use and fast app by which you can easily organize notes, tasks, and others for free. There are many popular features are available on this app to create a new or edit any old document or notepad. It has also an option to purchase the app which has extra and unique features to use.

Click here to download this app for free now.

Create a New Text File

Launch the app to create a brand new report. A new report is referred to as ‘Untitled’. You can start typing a be aware right away. You can print a report or go out of the app from the File menu. The Edit menu lets you cut, reproduction, paste, delete and undo typing. It additionally has a discover and update function and a date and time function.

You can trade the font from Format>Font. Like the Windows Notepad app, you could most effective set one font for the complete document. You cannot have distinctive fonts in one textual content document.

Open/Save A Text File

Go to File>Save to save your textual content record. Enter a name like you would to your computer. By default, the file saves as a TXT document.

If you want to save a report with a distinctive extension, tap the ‘Save As’ drop-down inside the Save dialogue container. Select ‘All Files (*.*)’ from the drop-down and deliver your file any extension you need. You can keep a file to the app’s root or you can create a brand new folder to shop the report to.

To open a file, release Real Notepad Notebook and visit File>Open. Pick the document you need to open and Real Notepad Notebook will open it for you.

Everything approximately Real Notepad: Notebook, from the UI to the save and open screens is paying homage to Windows. The app runs without a hitch and is usually just a superport. The only shortcoming of this app is that it isn’t available for b. Regardless, a person buys the developer cake.

TickTick Android App

TickTick Android App

TickTick is technically a to-do list app, but it has some neat features that allow it to be used as a notes app if you want.

Namely, each item in one of your to-do lists has a “Description” field that you can use for storing notes related to that item. Combined with folders, subtasks, tags, sorting, and search, TickTick can be a supremely powerful app for note-taking and notes management.

Other useful features include a built-in calendar view, task reminders, voice input, white noise generator, productivity timer using the Pomodoro technique, and real-time collaborative editing.

Download tick tick app for free now

FiiNote Android App

FiiNote Android App

FiiNote is a multipurpose note-taking app that’s similar to both Microsoft OneNote and Evernote, but nowhere near as popular. It has support for both typed and handwritten notes, along with several other advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use Notepad?

  • Part 1 Getting Started on Notepad
  • Open Notepad. On Windows 7, open your Start Menu and type “Notepad” in the search box.
  • Explore the Notepad user interface. Once Notepad is open, you will see a simple screen with a limited set of text editing options
  • Open the File Menu.
  • Format your page Setup
  • Add a header and footer

Is There a Notepad On Android?

The Windows Notepad app is a simple textual content editor. Real Notepad. A notebook is a very realistic, Windows-like, a port of the Notepad app. Running the app essentially offers you the Windows Notepad app on Android. You do no longer want a rooted device.

What is the Best free Notepad App for Android?

Here are the best free notes apps for Android, plus some tips to help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs.

  • Microsoft OneNote.
  • Dropbox Paper.
  • TickTick.
  • Evernote
  • FiiNote
  • Google Keep
  • ColorNote
  • Omni Notes

How Do I Make Notes on My Android?


  • Search for “Catch notes” or a similar program in the Play Store app
  • Click “Install” to install the app
  • Select the “Text note” option on the main screen of the Catch app
  • Type in the note you want
  • Click on the “Voice Note” to record a note with your voice.
  • Say what you want while the voice feature is active.

How Do I Use Google Notes on Android?

Download the Google Keep app. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play app.

Find the Google Keep app Get started. You can create, edit, organize, and archive notes. Create or edit a note

Share & work with others. To let someone see and edit your note, share the note with them.

Does Google Have a Notes App?

Google Keep is to be had online and thru an Android app. Both iterations are free. OneNote and Evernote have Web and app factors that you can use at no cost, plus paid top-class versions. … You can use OneNote for free as a Web app via Microsoft SkyDrive, and on Windows Phone, Android, or iOS.

What App is Best for Taking Notes?

The 8 Best Note-Taking Apps of 2019

  • Best Overall: Evernote. Courtesy of Evernote
  • Runner-Up, Best Overall: OneNote
  • Best for Collaboration: Dropbox Paper
  • Best for Ease Of Use: Simplenote
  • Best Built-in For iOS: Apple Notes
  • Best Built-in For Android: Google Keep
  • Best For Managing Different Types Of Notes: Zoho Notebook
  • Best For Encryption: Saferoom.

What’s Better Than Evernote?


If sleek and simple is your style, Simplenote’s a worthy contender. From Available across all platforms (including web), Simplenote works best for people who like—well, simple. Here’s the lowdown: Simplenote is free across all devices; Evernote isn’t.

How Do I Sync My Android Notes With Gmail?

Turn Android sync settings on

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Accounts Google.
  3. Select the Google Account the note has been shared with.
  4. On the “Sync” screen, find and turn on Keep.

What Is The Best Online Notepad?

Top 14 Free Online Notepad Apps

  1. RapidTables Notepad.
  2. Shrib.
  3. Memo Notepad.
  4. Publish.
  5. Justnotepad.
  6. Primapad.
  7. Speechnotes.
  8. ProtectedText.

What is Bitmap Difference Between Notepad WordPad?

Often bitmap is used for this as well. Notepad is the most basic text editor, which allows you to open and create text files. WordPad is similar to Notepad but gives you more formatting options. You can use bold and italics formatting, and change the font, size, and color of the text.

What Format Does Notepad Use?

Notepad is used to create and edit text files, so any text file extension can be used, including no extension at all, or made up extensions… Now, if you want to launch Notepad by double-clicking on a file of a specific extension on a pristine Windows, the best extension is probably

What is the Difference Between Notepad and Notepad ++?

A notepad is a simple text editor tool that comes with windows by default. It is one tool that is used by every individual to write or edit text files. On the other hand, Notepad++ is a free source code editor which is a replacement of the notepad. It additionally supports more languages.

Is Notepad ++ Better Than Notepad?

Why You Should Use Notepad++ vs Windows Notepad

An aptly named development to this historical software program is Notepad++. It offers plugin help, syntax highlighting and a widespread standard enjoy improve. You’ll discover it to be lots easier to look at what’s taking place and capable of run equipment to enhance productivity.

Can You Write Code in Notepad?

Understand Notepad’s limitations. You can technically write and run a program in Notepad using any coding language available, but you must save the program in the correct format for the program to run. All Notepad files save as text documents by default.

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