Compass App for Android

Nowadays, compasses are very accurate and are available in different shapes. With access to phones everywhere, the compass app is available on every smartphone.

The historical backdrop of the compass is too old. It is said to be invented in 206 BC as a device and was utilized by the Chinese Han Dynasty. From that time, the compass was used for military purposes and sea routes.

Compass apps haven’t changed a lot throughout the last ten years. They utilize your phone’s accelerometer to recognize direction.

Compass apps are helpful for explorers, boaters, hikers, and numerous other open-air activities. Here are some of the best Compass Apps for Android, and We tried each compass app for accuracy.

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Compass 360 Pro Android App

Compass 360 Pro Android App


Compass 360 Pro is a basic, practical compass app that is helpful in the more significant part of the outdoor activities like traveling, doing an outingcampingclimbingpaddling, and many more.

Compass 360 Pro highlights both decimal and cardinal course for quick and (generally) exact direction heading. The app is only for Android devices which have Magnetic Sensor in it

The Compass 360 Pro likewise supports numerous languages, requires no Internet connection, and it’s genuinely simple to align and collaborates. You can also discover both attractive north and true north with this app.

Many compass apps only work in some specific regions or States, but 360 Pro works worldwide. And UI design of Compass 360 is easy to use.

Click here to download the Compass 360 Pro App.

Key Feature of Compass 360 Pro App

  • Compass 360 Pro is user-friendly and designed professionally.
  • Compass 360 Pro guide user-orientated naturally and easily.
  • The app gives detailed directions to the user with the help of the decimal bearing.
  • The automated system of the app shows you both magnetic and true north.
  • Compass 360 Pro app is multilingual and works without an internet connection.


Digital Compass Android App

Digital Compass Android App

Digital Compass is a simple app. The design of the app is very simple and user-friendly. The digital app allows the user to choose either magnetic or true north with easy to handle layout.

Through this app, you can discover your area concerning facilitates by exchanging the GPS of your device. Digital compass provides accuracy with the help of a magnetic indicator within it.

Click here to download the Digital Compass App.

Key Features of Digital Compass

  • The digital compass app provides latitude, longitude, and address of your location.
  • Trough digital compass, you can measure the magnetic strength.
  • The app has a unique feature for a sloppy area through you can level anything by the leveler of the app.
  • The digital app is Accurate and Nighttime Mode features.


Android Compass Galaxy AppAndroid Compass Galaxy App

Compass Galaxy is one of the most rated apps on the Google Play Store. It works very well and has a simple, user-friendly interface and is suitable for this rundown.

The compass utilizes no superfluous authorizations, and it’s moderately simple to use. The compass galaxy app is ad-free and can show your direction when you are holding the phone vertically.

Android Compass galaxy app is very well and is used for any reason like climbing, drifting, camping, and hiking, etc.

This app accompanied extraordinary designs and got probably the best choice for the compass users and will suit your needs perfectly.

Click here to download the Compass galaxy App.

Key Features of the Compass Galaxy App

  • The app has very few features.
  • Compass galaxy is a one-page app and  is very simple to use
  • Calibration is straightforward in the compass.
  • Users can rotate it in 8 figures for calibrating.
  • Compass galaxy app is free of an ad and useful for requirements where a user needs compass navigations.

Smart Compass App

Smart Compass App

Smart compass is one of the best and easy to use compass app available in the Google play store. It supports a useful feature like google maps directions, telescope mode, night mode, or digital compass, which makes them a suitable choice.

For a quick and straightforward compass, it’s challenging to beat the Smart Compass, which consolidates a lot of the highlights of the more dominant compasses on this rundown yet in an improved and simple to use format.

In the same way as other of different compasses, it additionally gives you your bearing data, organizes, speed, and can-do screen captures. All around, this is a reliable app for exploring.

If you are an explorer, at that point, you can unhesitatingly use this app. This application will assist you in finding a certain situation with the assistance of the GPS of your device.

It’s high realistic, straightforward, and stylish structure made it simple to utilize and battery efficient.

Click here to download the Smart Compass App.

Key Features of Smart Compass

  • This smart and digital compass app shows calibration notification.
  • You can get the service of Google Maps on a smart compass app for precious location.
  • With showing the current user location, it also shows the navigation for all the essential things.
  • The app has smart sensors that will also show you the slope of the device.
  • A smart compass app helps the user to avoid the magnetic field and give the accurate reading of the map.
  • It has a very simple and easy to use layout for its users.
  • Smart compass app supports more than ten languages.


Commander Compass App Android

Commander Compass App Android

Commander compass app achieves such a lot, that it’s hard to crease your head over it. It fills in as a standard compass anyway can be used identified with a couple of guide establishments to improve thought of what lies toward the way you are going.

You can investigate to acknowledged concentrations by entering them physically in the commander app or saving them so you can return later. You can extra and see heading for various levels one after another, which is exceptional for seeing closeness.

For each point, you can see the partition, bearing, azimuth, stature, speed, and time of appearance. Commander Compass is not a simple app, but anyway, it uses the complexity of the navigation well.

To adjust the features, Commander Compass can show sorts out in numerous designs, height, course, current, and generally extraordinary and vertical speed.

In general, Commander compass is used to investigate by stars, the moon, or the sun and has expansive star diagrams. With the sum of this, it is hard to get lost.

Click here to download the Commander Compass App.

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Key Features of Commander Compass App

  • Commander compass uses Astro-navigation Mode
  • Contain useful and fun information
  • It will, in general, be used to investigate by stars
  • It’s Free and has a feature to save navigation automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Android Phones Have a Compass?

Inside your handset, there is a small magnet turning around a-axis and pointing at the planet’s north post. Compass functionality in phones and tablets is empowered by something more refined a sensor called a magnetometer, which is utilized to quantify the quality and direction of magnetic fields.

Which is the Best Compass App in Android?

Best Compass Apps in Android

  • Smart Compass. Smart compass is one of the best and easy to use compass app available in the Google play store.
  • Commander Compass. Commander Compass can show sorts out in numerous designs, height, course, current, and generally extraordinary and vertical speed.
  • Compass 360 Pro.  Compass 360 Pro highlights both decimal and cardinal course for quick and (generally) exact direction heading.
  • Digital compass.  The digital compass app allows the user to choose either magnetic or true north with easy to handle layout.

How Do You Use the Galaxy Compass App?

Hold the compass ( or phone) level and spot it solidly against your chest over your heart. Look down at the compass by tilting your head down. Turn your body until the red compass needle focuses at the N. It will frequently fit into a bolt scratched in within circle.

Is There a Free Compass App for Android?

This free Android app promises to work anywhere in the world, Many compass apps only work in some specific regions or States, but 360 Pro works worldwide. And UI design of Compass 360 is easy to use.

How Can I Use My Phone as a Compass?

You need to discover north, grasp your phone level and gradually turn yourself until your white compass needle coordinates with N and its red bolt. You can do likewise with all the significant bearings by turning with your phone in your grasp until the compass needle lines up with your expected heading.

Is There a Free Compass App for Android?

Compass 360 pro.

This free Android application vows to work anyplace on the planet, making it perfect for courageous globetrotters. Get Compass 360 Pro Free on Google Play Store.

Do Compass Apps Really Work?

So if the customary needle compass works due to a little magnet, how do the compass applications in phones work? Things being what they are, the cell phones do have a little magnetometer, which can quantify the Earth’s attractive field. This data is joined with a quickening agent inside the phone.

Does Samsung Have a Compass?

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus cell phone has worked in an attractive compass. You’ve most likely observed your compass in real life in the event that you’ve at any point utilized Google Maps or a comparable program and saw the directional bolt in the guide show giving you what direction you were confronting.

Is the Compass App Accurate?

Compass gives precise readings of both genuine north and attractive north, and both are legitimate signs. Genuine north, which is a GPS bearing connected to the land area of the North Pole, works when Location Services is turned on. To turn on obvious north, tap Settings→Compass and afterward tap Use True North on.

How Do I Fix My Android Compass?


  • Open Google Maps on your Android. It’s the guide symbol normally found on the home screen or in the app cabinet.
  • Tap the blue do on the guide.
  • Tap Calibrate compass. It’s at the base left corner of the screen
  • Tilt your phone in the pattern on the screen
  • Tap Done.
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