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Nowadays, the trend isn’t merely limited to garments or vehicles that one purchases. Today, be it a young or a grown-up, everybody is energetic about having various devices, and they have this same energy for keeping popular trendy ringtones.

Generally, our smartphones come with an assortment of a variety of tunes by default. But now we can build and change the android ringtones of our devices according to our taste and mood.

Now, if someone gets bored of the default tunes and desires to give the android device a completely new makeover, it is easy, go to Google Play Store and download an android ringtone app to customize your device easily.

You can also find the best Mobile Apps for your smartphone.

Here is a list of top finest free Android ringtone apps for your smartphones

  • Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker Android app
  • Zedge Ringtone App
  • Ringtone Maker Android App
  • Audiko Android Ringtone App
  • Ringdroid Ringtone App


Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker Android app

Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker Android app

MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker is one of the best android ringtone app. This is my personal favorite ringtone maker app.

Someone can easily trim, merge, mix, and accurately cut out the best part of the music and set it as a unique ringtone. You can edit songs (by cutting them from wherever you want) to set it as your ringtone.

This ringtone maker app allows you to do many things without paying a penny, including the ability to record an audio/music to edit it. Customizing your alarm/notification to edit sounds saved on Mobile/SD, set a start & end for the audio clip, and more.

MP3 cutter and Ringtone maker shall let you work things out for your android ringtones in the perfect way. It even supports bitrate & volume adjustment to create the highest quality melody for you.

This is one of the best ringtone app given the kind of features it has. It supports a variety of file formats include MP3, WAV, AAC, and AMR.

Free download Mp3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker.

Best Features of Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker App

  • Fast audio input & cutting:
  • Audio cutter, millisecond-level perfect cutting.
  • Support mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, acc, flac etc.
  • One tap to set Start & End time.
  • Inbuilt music player for playing music clips any time.
  • Powerful audio editing & output:
  • Audio merger and audio joiner.
  • Adjust bitrate for HD audio, 64kb/s, 128kb/s, 192kb/s, 256kb/s, etc.
  • Set as Ringtone, Alarm, and Notification.


Zedge Ringtone App

Zedge Ringtone AppZedge is the most popular ringtone apps for android. It includes a vast number of ringtone types.

It’s a fantastic app for ringtones or notification tunes. The app is completely free with ads.

This app also includes the quality of wallpapers. Customize your phone with an HD background wallpaper, live wallpaper, alert sound, or ringtone effortlessly.

ZEDGE ringtones offer a massive number of free wallpapers, stickers, tones, and alert sounds for your Android phone.

You can set ringtones from the app directly, which enables you to set individual contact ringtones. So, if you are looking for an app that provides you with an excellent look with great sound, then use ZEDGE on your Android.

Zedge has become a hot cake with above 45 million downloads. It is not just an out-and-out ringtone app, but it’s a multipurpose one for smartphones.

You can free download Zedge ringtone App.

Best Features of Zedge Ringtone App

  • An endless selection of free backgrounds supporting the most common screen sizes.
  • Supports full HD wallpaper and 4K wallpaper to use as backgrounds.
  • Customize your background with cool filters and stickers.
  • No need to install additional new live wallpapers – it’s embedded in the app.
  • Extensive catalogue of quality lives wallpapers for all tastes.
  • An endless selection of free ringtones including music, effects and funny tones.
  • Option to set individual contact ringtones, alarm sounds and default ringtone
  • Option to set an alert and alarm sound.
  • Add stickers to wallpaper and create your own personal background.
  • Turn a wallpaper into a cool meme!
  • Add a sound or wallpaper to favorites without downloading.


Ringtone Maker Android App

Ringtone Maker Android App

Want a simple ringtone maker or MP3 editing tool? Android Ringtone Maker app is your man for custom ringtones. There are no complications involved.

The app is free and supports most file types, including MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, and several others. Overall, it works pretty well.

Now, this is something different and something which might be of interest if you are looking for a ringtone app with more than just the basic needs. You can create your ringtone segments, much like the MP3 cutter.

It also has some additional features to offer, like you can cut and paste and create a new ringtone altogether. It is simple to use with less drama, and though it allows you to do things slightly differently.

Free download ringtone maker app here.

Best Features of Ringtone Maker App

  • Copy, cut and paste. (So you can merge different music files together very easily.)
  • Adjust volume for mp3.
  • Preview the Ringtone files and assign to contact.
  • Play anywhere else by tapping the screen.
  • Record a new audio clip to edit and delete audio (with confirmation alert).
  • Set starting and ending points for a clip within the audio file, using an optional touch interface.
  • Play the selected portion of the audio, including an indicator cursor and auto scrolling of the waveform.
  • Save the clipped audio as a new audio file and mark it as Music, Ringtone, Alarm, or Notification.
  • Manage contact Ringtone.
  • The default save path, you can change than in the setting of “Ringtone Maker”.


Audiko Android Ringtone App

Audiko Android Ringtone App

Audiko is yet another free ringtone app and allows you to turn your favorite music into your android. In my opinion, this app has the best interface among the other best ringtone maker apps for android.

You can create ringtones and as well let the app do the work for you. It provides you with a vast number of wallpapers in high quality to use them as the main screen or lock screen wallpapers.

The app Audiko is an excellent ringtone app for Android and allows you to work with ringtones quickly. Surely you can customize them as per your needs.

Audiko Editor has many tools and features starting with its vast library of tracks, 10,000 breathtaking HD and 4K wallpapers, Ringtone Editor to edit, and cut your tracks.

You can also assign individual notifications for your contacts, messages, or alerts after making them using the application. It also allows its users to turn their favorite music into their device’s ringtone.

This app gives access to the latest ringtones from across its wide-ranging variety of thousands of tracks.  They can even make their own personalized ringtones based on music, videos, and other sounds that are stored on the cell phone.

Click here to download the app.

Best Features of Audiko ringtone App

  • Music & Audio: impressive Android music collection of near 2,000,000 top & fresh & new mobile tracks.
  • 10,000 breathtaking HD & 4K Wallpapers for your mobile devices’ Background;
  • intelligent & easy-to-use tracks search system;
  • Just a stylish and modern music cutter app design!
  • Ringtone editor tool personal Ringtone-maker and Audio Editor;
  • No more standard and boring sounds on your phone
  • ability to share favorite ringtones via social media, messengers, or e-mail;
  • support almost all file formats: MP3/MP4/WAV
  • Set Audiko HD wallpapers as Main Screen wallpaper;
  • Higher quality of phone ring tones, perfect music sound.


Ringdroid Ringtone App

Ringdroid Ringtone AppRingdroid is one of the best android ringtone apps and has been functional for quite long. This was the first ringtone maker for android and was initially developed as an open-source tool and published in 2008.

Ringdroid is old, and the interface is definitely up to date. It allows you to edit files in a waveform, it’s free, and there are no ads.

Ringdroid allows you to create your personal ringtones for everything on your phone, whether it’s an alarm tone, notifications, ringtones, or anything else.

The best thing about Ringdroid is that it’s an open-source project, meaning that it doesn’t contain any kind of ads.

You can download it free here.

Best Features of Android Ringdroid App

  • Record button at the top left of the app to record an audio/music for editing.
  • Option to delete (with confirmation alert) the created Ringtone/Music/Alarm/Notification Tone.
  • View a scrollable waveform representation of the audio file at 4 zoom levels.
  • Set start & end for the audio clip, using an optional touch interface.
  • Tap anywhere on the wave & the built-in Music player starts playing at that position.
  • Manually set the Start & End time by typing the values in text boxes at the bottom of the app.
  • Set the new clip as default ringtone or assign a ringtone to contacts, using this ringtone editor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Mp3 Audio Cutter & Ringtone Maker?

Pick a music cut from your phone/SD card. Select the length of the music you need to make a ringtone, cut it out and trim music. Alter tag for the clasp (Title, Format, Bitrate, Volume, and so on.). Save as Ringtone/Alarm/Notification or Share.

What is the Best App for Ringtones on Android?

Top 5 Best Free Ringtone App for Android

  • Zedge.  Zedge has become a hot cake with above 45 million downloads. It is not just an out-and-out ringtone app but it’s a multipurpose one for smartphones.
  • Ringdroid. Ringdroid is old, and the interface is definitely dated. It allows you to edit files in a waveform, it’s totally free and there are no ads.
  • MP3 cutter and ringtone maker. MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker is one of the best ringtone apps. This is my personal favorite ringtone maker app.
  • Audiko. In my opinion, this app has the best interface among the other best ringtone maker apps for android.
  • Ringtone Maker. The app is free and supports most file types, including MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, and several others. Overall, it works pretty well.

What App Do You Use for Ringtones?

MP3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker is one of the best ringtone apps. This is my personal favorite ringtone maker app, someone can easily trim, merge, mix and accurately cut out the best part of the music and set it as a unique ringtone.

What App Can I Get Free Ringtones?

Here is a list of best free ringtones apps that you can use easily.

  • Audiko
  • Ringdroid
  • Ringtone Maker
  • Zedge Free Ringtones Download.
  • Mp3 Cutter & Ringtone Maker.

Is Zedge Ringtone App Free?

Zedge is a free app that provides one of the most famous ringtone apps. It includes a huge number of ringtone types.

How Do I Get Ringtones for My Android?

Open Settings.
Tap Sound. If you don’t see a section with Sounds in the title, type “Ringtone” into the search bar at the top of your Settings app.

Tap Phone ringtone.
Tap the custom ringtone you added to the ringtones folder.

Tap Save or OK.

How Do I Set a Ringtone From Google Play?

Drag the music file (MP3) you’d like to use as a ringtone into the “Ringtones” folder. On your phone, touch Settings > Sound & notification > Phone ringtone. Your song will now be listed as an option. Select the song you want and set it as your ringtone.

What is the Most Popular Ringtone?

The default iPhone ringtone and Nokia Tune are the most popular ringtones ever.

What is the Most Popular iPhone Ringtone?

In 2005, the most popular ringtone in the world was an obscure 1902 guitar riff, the classic Nokia ring tone. Millions of cell phones, up to 1.8 billion times per day, echoed the monophonic and polyphonic version as the default ring tone.

How Do I Add Notification Sounds to My Android?


  1. Copy a sound file to your Android device.
  2. Download a file manager app from the Play Store.
  3. Open your file manager app.
  4. Locate the sound file you want to add as a notification sound.
  5. Copy or move the sound file to your Notifications folder.
  6. Open your Android’s Settings app.
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