Android Management Apps

At the point when you have an Android telephone or tablet, you should hardly wait to introduce your most loved Android Management App on it. The forms can be about games, media player, book shop, social, business, which makes your Android life bright and brilliant.

Be that as it may, when applications on your Android telephone or tablet get swell, come up short on your battery, bring about moderate execution, you presumably need to plan something to transform it.

For this situation, an Android application director turns into a need, with which you can keep all applications on your Android telephone and tablet well.

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Android App Manager

The Android App Manager is an Android Management instrument which deals with all applications introduced on your Android telephone and tablet.

It can show you the insights regarding a request, rapidly search any form submitted, and offer a report to let you know the much of the time utilized applications and unused applications. The sky is the limit from there.

Default Way to Manage Apps on Android Phone and Tablet

You can oversee applications Android phone and tablet with no outsider applications — tap Settings on your Android telephone or tablet. On the screen, discover the Application director. At that point, you can see the rundowns pretty much all applications, applications that you download, and applications that are running.

Select one rundown and tap one application. At that point, you can do the form the board by tapping Force stop to stop a running app on Android, tapping Uninstall to erase an application, or tapping Clear information to free up capacity.

Top 6 Android Apps Managers to Manage Apps from Phone

 AppMonster Free Backup Restore

AppMonster Free Backup Restore

AppMonster Free Backup Restore is an application manager for Android phones and tablets. It can do a lot of things, like quickly search apps, sort apps by name, size and the installed date and move apps to SD card.

You can also backup apps to SD card and backup market links.

Then, one day you want to restore, you can go to the SD card or market to restore the apps.

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You can also download the Outlook App for your android phone.

 AppMgr III ( App 2 SD)

AppMgr, known as App 2 SD, is a cool app manager for Android to enable you to manage apps in an easy and convenient way. It gives you the power to move apps to internal or external storage, hide the system apps from the app list, freeze apps to speed up your phone.

In addition, it enables you to share apps with friends, uninstall apps you don’t want to any more, clear app caches to make room for more files. It’s really very nice, which works like a charm.

Apk Manager

Apk Manager

Apk Manager is a very simple app, which is mainly used to install and uninstall apps on your Android phone and tablet running Android 1.1 and later. It’s very fast with no ads. However, it can’t force stopping apps, clear caches, sort apps and more.

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 App2SD and App Manager-Save Space

App2SD &App Manager-Save Space works great with an Android phone and tablet running Android 2.2 or higher. It shows you a list about all the installed and system apps, displays detailed information about any app, and lets you move apps to SD card.

When you find some apps you seldom use, you can uninstall them or force them to stop them and clear app data and caches. If there’re some apps you like very much, you can also share them with your friends. For more features, you can download this app and have a try.

App Manager for Android

App Manager for Android

App Manager for Android is an easy-to-use app, which allows you to manage all installed apps and storage on your Android phone and tablet. It gathers apps installed in the phone and external memory in a list, offers you an easy way to search your wanted app.

Besides, you can move apps to the external memory to free up the phone memory. Other features, like uninstalling apps and clearing caches, or sharing apps with others, make it easy for you to manage apps

SmartWho App Manager

SmartWho App Manager

SmartWho App Manager can easily manage the apps installed on your Android and provide reports about the performance and system info about the apps.

After installing SmartWho App Manager, tap “Android App Manager”. On its screen, you can begin to manage apps on your Android phone, like search, sort, backup or restore apps on your Android phone and tablet. Click here to download this app.

Top 9 Android Desktop Managers: Manage Phone on PC or Manage PC on Phone

The cell phone is the principal thing an individual arrives at when an individual awakens, and the exact opposite thing an individual contacts before one falls asleep to rest. Android is currently the most widely recognized cell phone working framework everywhere throughout the world, with a proportion of 80%. 

Individuals can do nearly everything on the cell phones; in this way, some fore-tellers even foresee that cell phones will assume control over the PC and TV one day.

Be that as it may, with an ever-increasing number of highlights of the cell phones and individuals remaining with them longer and more, managing them isn’t a simple undertaking at all with a measure of information.

Be that as it may, there are still techniques to deal with them.

  1. Top 4 Android desktop managers with the most download.
  2. Top 5 Remote android desktop manager.

Top 4 Android Desktop Manager With the Most Downloads

Android desktop manager is an instrument to assist individuals with manage documents on Android telephones with a PC.

It will interface Android gadgets to the PC, with the goal that clients will have the option to keep their reports reinforcement accessible in the cell phones, synchronize PC organizers, reestablish Android contacts, messages, photographs, etc.

With Android work area chief devices, you will effectively make your cell phone altogether. Here records top 5 downloaded Android work area supervisor programming.

Dr.fone- Transfer

Dr.fone- Transfer

The transfer is the primary one work area application programming with the two Windows and Mac adaptations.

Take a look at the principle screen of dr.fone – Transfer. See the upper sheet? With the full range of record types, you can oversee and move.

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  • dr.fone – Transfer will provide 24/7 customer support via a skilled customer support team.
  • The interface is simple and user-friendly.
  • The one-click root is easy for root users.
  • Support both iOS&Android devices

MOBILedit Android App

MOBILedit will change your thinking about cell phones and will make the cell phone more effective for you.

Hot Features of MOBILedit:

Manage your contacts: Search contacts, change the view of the contacts, add or delete contacts.

Backup, restore & Data transfer: Back up all data in the cloud or in your phone because MOBILedit will keep data backup automatically and will able to restore all the stored data on a new smartphone easily.

Send and print Messages, make calls: Send the messages from your mobile using your PC. So, you can type the messages by using the keyboard of your PC and can send group messages or print messages out. Like Moborobo, you can also make calls on the computer.

Create ringtone: Grab a sound bite from any video or audio file or YouTube set as the ringtone for your smartphone.

Edit photos and videos: Built-in editor enables you to edit photos and videos easily.

Multiple connections: connect the phone to the PC via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IrDA or USB cable.

Advantages of MOBILedit

  • The software is for almost all mobile phones, such as iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, Symbian, etc.
  • It has a cool interface and very easy to use.
  • It is able to store data in the cloud.

Disadvantages of MOBILedit

  • Large size with more time to download
  • Some features are not available in the trial version.

Mobogenie Android App Manager

Mobogenie Android App Manager

There are many third party android desktop manager software in the market and Mobogenie is the part of that software. Click here to get this app for free.

Hot Features of Mobogenie:

Backup & Restore Data: Backup important data on the Android device, memory card or save a copy onto the PC. Thus, if you mislay or corrupt any data then you can easily restore from the backup.

Download and manage files: You can download premium quality media files for videos, images, audios, apps manually from the web.

Tidy up ads and notifications: You can organize the ads and notifications on the smartphone.

Manage SMS & Contacts: You can manage and replay SMS using the SMS manager of this software from your PC. Besides, you can edit & manage your contacts using this app.

Advantages Mobogenic Android App Manager

The one-click root is easy for root users.

Download all multimedia files, games easily

Update apps quickly.

Disadvantages Mobogenic Android App Manager

The interface is mainly for downloading files not a good interface for file management.

There is no Wi-Fi connectivity in this app so you need to connect via USB cable every time.

Mobisynapse Android App Manager

Mobisynapse Android App Manager

Mobisynapse is likewise a free android desktop manager for you. You can without much of a stretch interface the Android cell phone to the PC utilizing Wi-Fi or a USB link. You can likewise oversee applications, interactive media documents, SMS, or screen framework data on the Android phone.

Download this app clicks here.

Hot Features of Mobisynapse:

Back up apps and SMS: You can back up apps and SMS between Android phones & PC.

Sync outlook files to Android: You can sync outlook files including calendars, contacts, notes to Android phones.

Manage files & SMS: You can manage or organize files between PC and Android devices, send group SMS from the PC. You can sync images, music, videos between the smartphone & your PC.

Advantages of Mobisynapse App Manager

  • It manages emails easily.
  • Easy interface.

Disadvantages of Mobisynapse App Manager

  • You can not download apps directly within the app.
  • It backs up only apps and SMS.
  • Many features in the other four managers are not available in this app.
  • To use this app you also have to log in and download extra app office.

Top 5 Remote Android Desktop Manager Apps

Current existence without the Smartphone, PC, tablet or PC is nearly impossible? We may disregard significant records when we need them or we have to get to PCs when we are on movement. In such circumstances, the Android Remote Desktop App can make life and work a lot simpler.

Effectively we can get to our work area or workstation utilizing our Android advanced mobile phone from anyplace on the planet. 

Remote Android work desktop manager Apps go about as the immediate entry back to our PCs, PCs or tablets, and enable us to remotely access, view and work on our PCs legitimately by means of our Android advanced cells.

You can locate the accompanying top 5 Remote android work area manager applications:

TeamViewer Android Desktop Manager

TeamViewer Android Desktop Manager

With TeamViewer, you can move your significant records, alter archives, utilize any product from your Android gadgets while you are in any event, voyaging. This free application bolsters Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Click here to get this app

Hot features TeamViewer Manager

  • Walk on LAN: Using this feature, you can wake up your sleeping computer, work, transfer or edit files easily. When your work is done, then put the computer back to sleep again.
  • Communicate with clients: You can talk to your clients anytime.
  • Audio & video transmission: You will be able to transfer files to your clients or colleagues.
  • Keyboard feature: You will use it like you use your computer with special keys like Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Advantages TeamViewer Manager

  • TeamViewer is very user-friendly & it quickly manages PC or servers.
  • It is completely free for personal use.
  • It transfers files very fast.

Disadvantages TeamViewer Manager

  • TeamViewer’s quick support is weak sometimes and it cannot work smoothly for some devices.
  • It cannot zoom out far enough.

GMOTE Android Desktop Manager

GMOTE Android Desktop Manager

On the off chance that you love to tune in to music, watch motion pictures when you are on movement then GMOTE is the best Remote Android Desktop application for you!

With this application, you will have the option to utilize your Android telephone simply like the remote control for your PC or PC. In addition, in the event that you have to exhibit something, at that point you can control PPT slides, PDF or picture slideshows easily. Click here to get this app for free.

Hot Features of GMOTE

Streaming music: It is very easy to stream all your music from PC to your Android smartphone.

Control music & movies: GMOTE will enable you to control movies or music from a distance.

Browse files: The inbuilt file browser will allow you to browse all multimedia files stored on your PC.

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop Manager

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop application will consistently keep you keep in contact with your PC using your Android cellphone. It doesn’t make a difference in any place you are and anything you desire. Also, this application will verify your PC or PC from known and obscure dangers.

Hot Features 2X Client Desktop Manager

Access security: It will secure your Android smartphone access via 2X Client SSL and 2-factor authentication support.

Virtual mouse: Easily you can do your work using a virtual mouse with right-click. It also has got a full keyboard.

Cross-platform support: This app supports different platforms. You can use different applications such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word and so on smoothly.

RemoteDroid Desktop Manager

RemoteDroid Desktop Manager

You don’t have to have an overly sensitive touch cushion or convey the mouse for the workstation if you have the little application RemoteDroid introduced on your Android PDA.

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The app will transform the cell phone into a track cushion and a remote console.

Hot Features RemoteDroid Manager

Touchpad: This feature will make your smartphone screen as the touchpad for your PC.

Keyboard: Simply got the smart keyboard, which is very fast & comfortable to use.

Browse files: The inbuilt file browser will allow you to browse all multimedia files stored on your PC.

VNC Viewer Android Desktop Manager

You can control your personal computer from anyplace on the planet utilizing your cell phone with VNC Viewer. This application will enable you to see the PC’s work area, get to information, run any form, and so on

Hot features VNC Viewer Android Desktop Manager

Keyboard support: You will get international keyboard support and reproduce all the characters according to your needs. Just scroll the key bar buttons.

Transfer text: You can copy and paste the text.

Mouse emulation: You will enjoy the scrolling operations and control your work using the Mouse button mode. Twice tap will open an app like what you do with a mouse.

High screen resolution: This app will support high screen resolutions up to 5120 by 2400 pixels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best App Manager for Android?

Here are the best task manager apps for Android!

  • Advanced Task Manager.
  • Greenify and Service.
  • Simple System Monitor.
  • SystemPanel 2.
  • Taskmanager.

Where is the Application Manager on Android?

To get to it, go to Settings, look down the rundown of choices to Application Manager, and tap it (on certain gadgets, you may need to tap Applications and afterward Manage or Manage Applications).

With the Application Manager open, you can swipe to uncover three sections of applications: Downloaded, Running, and All.

Where is the Samsung Application Manager?

How to manage apps that can change system settings on the Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Launch the Settings app from your Home screen or from the app drawer.
  • Tap Applications.
  • Tap Application manager.
  • Tap More on the top right of the screen.
  • Tap Change system settings.

What is the Application Manager?

An application manager (application manager) is customizing for directing the establishment, fixing and refreshing, and maybe access to programming applications. An application director can be utilized to screen a product application’s exhibition and ready manager if there is an issue.

Is Android Mobile Manager Safe?

To guard your Android gadget information, the best arrangement is to duplicate your essential information on PC. Presently Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager gives you enough capacity to oversee and control everything on Android gadgets from your PC with no impediment.

What is MDM App Android?

Mobile device management for Android

This Android cell phone device management (MDM) programming engages administrators to screen, oversee, review, and secure corporate information on those phone devices. It additionally offers propelled controls and improved Android MDM abilities for and Samsung Knox devices.

What is Mobile Manager App?

mobile manager application is a device utilized by organize heads to remotely introduce, update, evacuate, review, and screen programming programs introduced on cell phones and tablets. The term is likewise used to portray the individual whose activity includes managing versatile mobile apps.

What Can Mobile Device Management Do?

Mobile device management (MDM) is a sort of security programming software used by an IT division to screen, oversee, and secure representatives’ cell phones (PCs, cell phones, tablets, and so on.) that are sent over different versatile specialist organizations and over various portable working frameworks being utilized in the association.

How Do I Remove Mobile Device Manager?


  • On the managed cell phone, go to Settings.
  • Explore Security.
  • Select Device Administrator and disable it.
  • Under Settings, go to Applications.
  • Select ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus and Uninstall the ME MDM App

What is the Facebook App Manager Used for?

The Facebook App Manager enables you to effortlessly incorporate your site with your Facebook page. It is conceivable to consequently synchronize your site’s pages and worldwide information to your Facebook page.

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