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Mobile data has become relatively cheaper over the years and around the globe. However, it does not measure up to the fast speeds that Wi-Fi provides.

If you wish to turn your phone or tablet into a Wi-Fi hotspot, then there are many android hotspot apps to do so. It is fair to argue that most smartphones come with a hotspot feature.

Besides, most areas have Wi-Fi enabled spots that are available to the public and are free. You can now download certain android apps that let your device be a Wi-Fi hotspot without rooting.

However, the feature has some limits that may not meet the standards and needs of the user. Luckily, developers have come with android hotspot applications that are resourceful to users.

You can check here the best Mobile Apps for your Smartphones.

The Top 8 Best Free Wi-fi Hotspot Apps for Android Are Given Below

  • PdaNet+
  • Portable Wi-Fi hotspot
  • FoxFi
  • Wi-Fi Tether App
  • Wi-Fi Map
  • Avast Wi-Fi finder
  • Wi-Fi finder
  • Wi-Fi Automatic


PdaNet+ Android Hotspot App

PdaNet+ Android Hotspot App

PdaNet+ is one of the best-rated hotspot applications. Specifically, for Android users, the PdaNet+ is a popular tethering hotspot app.

It is because it allows the user to share their Internet with laptops or tablets with no rooting needed. It is also the most downloaded android hotspot app on google play store.

PdaNet+ comes with a new “Wi-Fi Direct Hotspot” feature that works on all Android phones 4.1 or later. However, the user will be required to either install the client application or set up a proxy.

It will depend on the device being connected to the phone. Once you have this hotspot application installed on your android phone, it wouldn’t matter if your phone is rooted or not; you can share network as much as you want.

Download free PdaNet+ here.

Features of PdaNet+ Hotspot App

  • It is a free Wi-Fi hotspot app for Android without rooting is one of the best in this category and connects your computer to your cellular network.
  • It supports tethering over both options-Bluetooth and USB.
  • The fact that this app lets you share an internet connection over 4G is a highlight feature.
  • It works on all android phones 4.1 or later.


Portable Android Wi-Fi Hotspot App

Portable Android Wi-Fi Hotspot App

The portable WiFi hotspot app is fast and very simple to operate and is available only on the Amazon store. It has an excellent interface that makes it easy, and anybody can use and manage it.

It has a unique feature to boost your networks to browse fast on any of your Android browsers, as well as on other apps. It uses already existing inbuilt hotspot features of the smartphone.

This android hotspot application credits itself on improving the mobile computing experience of the user, to use this app, the user would need to configure it before running.

The app allows you to customize the name of your phone’s WiFi network, and due to its password protection, you can also secure its WiFi, when it is acting as a portable hotspot such that no random person can connect and leech off your data.

It can also be used to access other WiFi networks with user’s permission or which are open or not secured with passwords.

With its user-friendly design UI and latest features, it is one of the best WiFi hotspot app for Android users.

Free download Portable android wifi hotspot app.

Features of Portable Android Wi-fi Hotspot

  • Improve your mobile computing experience.
  • Simple and fast.
  • You can change the name of your phone’s Wi-Fi network name (SSID).


FoxFi Android Hotspot App

FoxFi Android Hotspot App

FoxFi is one of the best free hotspot applications for Android because it connects to laptops, tablets, and portable devices fast. Also, the connection boasts of being quite stable.

You can turn on the WiFi Hotspot in a single click from this Android WiFi Hotspot app. It is the easiest and simple android hotspot app, and the interface is usable within a click of the installation.

It helps the users to share their phone’s Wi-Fi connection with other android devices. FoxFi offers USB Tether and WiFi Direct Hotspot Bluetooth mode. This app needs you to use its paid version after a while.

Download the free Foxfi hotspot app now.

Features of FoxFi hotspot App

  • It has a simple installation and connecting process.
  • It works across phones as well as tablets.
  • This is an extremely versatile app that works very fast.
  • It allows you to make your phone a hotspot and share internet connections through Bluetooth as well.


Wi-Fi Tether Android Hotspot App

Wi-Fi Tether Android Hotspot App

Android Wi-Fi hotspot tether is a quite simple app, and it enables the user to use their device as a Wi-Fi hotspot without additional costs by turning their device into a Wi-Fi router.

The app is also compatible with most laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. This hotspot app supports multiple languages like English, Italian, and French languages.

You can free download the Wifi-tether hotspot app here.

Features of Android Wi-Fi Tether Hotspot

  • Free Wi-Fi hotspot app for Android without rooting which lets you connect your phone Wi-Fi with that of others.
  • This app works with most Android devices including tabs and phones.
  • It supports USB and Bluetooth tethering which is a plus.


Wi-Fi Map Android App

Wi-Fi Map Android App

Wi-Fi Map is a free good android hotspot app. Think of it as a social network where users share passwords of Wi-Fi hotspots available to the general public. It has more than 100 million users available worldwide.

Wi-Fi Maps works pretty much wherever you go, including countries like Africa and Europe. If you are sitting in Starbucks or a mall, you won’t have to ask for the password again and again.

Wi-Fi map will display all the hotspots available in the city on your android, and will also show its location with distance.

It has a special offline mode, which will save a hotspot password, just signup for free and share a new hotspot in your area.

Free Download Wifi Map hotspot.

Features of Wi-Fi Map Hotspot App

  • WiFi passwords and tips
  • Smart Map search navigation
  • Access Internet for Free when you connect to WiFi
  • Filter by the nearest WiFi around you
  • Unlimited Secure VPN You can add WiFi hotspots around


Avast Wi-Fi Finder Hotspot App

Avast Wi-Fi Finder Hotspot App

Avast is a prominent and well-known name in the antivirus apps for the android platform, but that is not the only product in their niche. They also have a Wi-Fi finder hotspot app that is quite awesome.

Avast comes with a unique built-in map feature that will point out all the Wi-Fi hotspots available in the area. The app will rate each Wi-Fi network on privacy and security. The app is free to use but comes with ads.

You can check whether they are secure or not. There is a speed test feature that will help you determine the fastest hotspot to connect to, but in most cases, Avast Wi-Fi Finder will point out the quickest network by default.

You can free download the Avast Wifi finder hotspot.

Features of Avast Wi-Fi Finder Hotspot

  • All Hotspots are verified and speed tested
  • Find Fast WiFi anywhere in the World
  • Download Maps for Offline use while traveling


Wi-Fi Finder Android Hotspot

Wi-Fi Finder Android Hotspot

WiFi Finder is another Wi-Fi hotspot finder app that will help you locate free Wi-Fi hotspots in your near area. It works just like any other hotspot app but without the bells and whistles.

You won’t find an active community to connect with or any social media integration. There is a way to add new Wi-Fi networks, and you can download hotspots for offline use.

You can also filter hotspots based on categories like cafeterias, malls, offices, and so on. WiFi finder will help you plan your outing better.

WiFi Map contains only verified Hotspots. The app is not exactly a winner when you compare it to the likes of Open Signal and WiFi Maps, but still an option if nothing else works.

Free Download Wifi Finder hotspot app.

Features of Wi-Fi Finder Hotspot

  • Look for WiFi Hotspots in you vicinity
  • Find Fast WiFi anywhere in the World
  • All Hotspots are verified and speed tested
  • Download Maps for Offline use while traveling.
  • Filter WiFi Map by venue type: Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Store, etc.


Wi-Fi Automatic Hotspot App

Wi-Fi Automatic Hotspot App

Wi-Fi automatic provides the required primary functions like turning on the WiFi on your smartphone, and there are some other advanced features present in the android WiFi Automatic.

You can turn on WiFi when your android device is locked, and this application would not restrict you from sharing hotspot when the phone’s battery is low.

In addition, you can also create a portable mobile hotspot with this application and even watch network traffic as well as other relevant information. This application comes with a pretty standard looking and easy-to-use interface.

WiFi Automatic is user-friendly, which makes it usable for a wide range of users, and the frequent update also stands as one of the impressive features of this application.

You can download it free now.

Features of Wi-Fi Automatic Android App

  • This app can help you increase the standby time of your device.
  • can also specify to automatically turn on WiFi again
  • The app can regularly scan for available networks to connect to and re-disable WiFi if no suitable network is found.

You can also free download Android Gallery Apps for your mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Mobile Hotspot App for Android?

PdaNet+ is one of the best-rated hotspot applications. Specifically, for Android users, the PdaNet+ is a popular tethering app. It is also the most downloaded hotspot app on google play store.

What is the Best Free Hotspot App?

Best and Free Hotspot Apps for Android

  • PdaNet +
  • Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.
  • Wi-Fi Automatic.
  • Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Portable.
  • Wi-Fi Map.
  • Avast Wifi Finder
  • Wi-Fi Finder
  • Osmino.
  • Foxfi
  • Wifi Tether

How Do I Use Portable Wifi Hotspot App?

Launch the Settings app, then tap the Network & Internet. Tap Hotspot & tethering, then tap the Wi-Fi hotspot. Turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot toggle switch. Optionally, change the hotspot name, password, and other advanced settings such as automatic shutoff and the AP Band.

Is There an App for Hotspot?

Best Wi-Fi hotspot app for Android. FoxFi is a free Wi-Fi hotspot app for Android without rooting. It allows you to make your phone a mobile hotspot and share internet connections through many options, including USB, PdaNet, and others.

Is Hotspot Free With Unlimited Data?

Unlimited data on America’s best 4G LTE network. Plus, HD video and Mobile Hotspot is included at no extra charge. Mobile Hotspot on compatible devices included at no cost. Unlimited talk, text, and international text.

How Do You Use Hotspot?

  • Turn on your phone’s hotspot
  • Open your phone’s Settings app.
  • Tap Network & internet Hotspot & tethering Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • To see or change a hotspot setting, like the name or password, tap it. If needed, the first tap set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

Is Android Hotspot Free?

Highlight on Android telephones gives you a chance to utilize your portable information on different PCs or tablets on the double. The main issue is a lot of transporters have limitations to keep you from sharing your versatile information (which you’re as of now paying for) for free.

Can I Download a Hotspot to My Phone?

To transform your Android telephone into a hotspot, go to Settings, at that point Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. Tap on Mobile Hotspot to turn it on, set the name of your system, and set a secret word. You interface a PC or tablet to your telephone’s Wi-Fi hotspot similarly as you would associate with some other Wi-Fi organize.

How Can I Boost My Hotspot?

  1. Place the router in a strategic spot. For your equipment to offer optimal coverage, put it in an area where it can best broadcast signals.
  2. Less Wi-Fi range for longer battery life.
  3. Check for LTE coverage.
  4. Watch out for background apps!
  5. Avoid multimedia usage.

Is Tethering the Same as Hotspot?

When internet tethering is done via Wi-Fi, it is also known as a mobile hotspot.

  1. Tethering refers to literally tethering your phone to the computer through USB to act as a USB.
  2. A hotspot is an act of creating a Wi-Fi network where the phone acts as a modem/router.
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