Android Dialer App

Usually, every Android cell phone has a well-manufactured dialer application as the primary function of the phone. Today, our cell phones can continuously perform various going to make and receive calls.

Here are some of the best android dialer applications that you can download. These dialer apps not only help you to manage your contacts, but it also provides you some extra functionalities like call recording, caller id, etc.

There are some of the best Android dialer apps available on the Google Play Store, which will improve your dialing experience. So, here in this article, we have decided to share a list of best Android stock dialer apps which you can use right now.

You can also find the best Mobile Apps for your Smartphone.

Best Dialer Apps for Android

  • True Phone Dialer & Contacts
  • ExDialer – Android Dialer & Contacts App
  • Drupe Android Dialer App
  • Contact+ Dialer App
  • ZenUI Android Dialer & Contacts App


True Phone Dialer &Contacts

True Phone Dialer &Contacts

True Phone Dialer & Contacts is the only dialer app with modern designs and themes. It has full contact management support available for android.

True Phone dialer has arrived to replace your stock dialer & contacts app and bring your dialing experience to the next level. True Phone dialer provides you very quick access to your recent calls, contacts, favorites, and groups.

This android dialer app is available in multiple languages.

You can directly download True Phone dialer from here.

Features of True Android Dialer App

  • The app allows you to view, edit and create contact within seconds.
  • Traditional T9 dial cushion alternative.
  • Theme chief with large Colors choices.
  • Contact chief, analyzer, Editor and consolidation alternatives.
  • Keep your contacts organized well with extremely powerful suggestions.


ExDialer-Android Dialer & Contacts App

ExDialer-Android Dialer & Contacts App

If you are looking for a dialer for your android smartphone, then ExDialer is the best option because it is very simple, lightweight, smooth, and fast.

ExDialer is one of the best Android phone dialer apps. Right now, it has used in millions of features on Google Play Store. It is available in more than 30 different languages.

ExDialer supports geocoder that provides the location information of that phone numbers.

Click here to download the Android ExDialer App.

Best Features of ExDialer

  • Built-in motions and alternate ways for speedy route and access.
  • Support extra customization with the assistance of Plugins.
  • Different themes backing to change the look and feel.
  • Custom font with circular contacts photos
  • Vibrant colors for “Swipe your contact item right/left to fast call/SMS”.


Drupe Android Dialer App

Drupe Android Dialer App

Drupe is a perfect dialer app for those who are looking more than a default dialer app. It is one of the best dialer apps, and have more than 20 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Drupe app allows you to add animated Gifs to your outgoing calls. It is, in all cases, contact the official application for your Android phone, which packs lots of essential features.

If you want to see an indication of spamming or caller ID directly from your phone screen, then Drupe is your choice app.

The app support and is available in more than 15 different languages around the world. So, Drupe is another best Android dialer app that you can use right now.

You can download Drupe Dialer app here.

Best Features of Drupe Dialer App

  • A smart caller ID tracker & blocker to find out unknown numbers 
  • Cross app dialing made fast & easy
  • Apart from deleting your duplicate Google contact issues, the app can manage your phonebook and address book without any trouble.
  • You can organize all from one place be it dialer, text messages, Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, Instagram messenger and much more.
  • Record incoming or outgoing calls
  • Set reminders, time or context related.


Contact+ Dialer App

Contact+ Dialer App

Contacts+ is the best free dialer app for Android phones. It has over ten million users across the globe. This app has some cool features, including identifying caller id, block calls, and SMS, and enjoy 90+ themes, etc.

Contact+ is the world-leading contact and dialer app. All in one app, contact+ is the best option. Contact+ makes it easy to connect with friends and can block unwanted people.

With all these great features, we add contact+ in our best dialer app list. Above all, Contacts+ is private and customizable with themes.

Click here to download Contact+ Dialer App.

Best Features of Contact+ Dialer App

  • Offers protection for Caller ID, Calls, SMS, and spam blocker.
  • The app supports over 80 customizable wallpapers and unlimited themes.
  • Offers protection for your stored contacts, via encryption and beyond.
  • In-built Caller ID and Call Blocking engines.
  • Offers speed dial screen with fast dialer search with one touch to call
  • Deep integration with apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Duo, etc.
  • Android Wear support and customizability.


ZenUI Android Dialer & Contacts App

ZenUI Android Dialer & Contacts App

ZenUI Dialer & Contacts use speed dial, duplicate link contacts, run a smart search like it is an all in one contact. It is one of the best dialer apps in android because of the versatility of the features.

This app allowed you to organize your phonebook and enables you to block spam calls and delete duplicate contents.

Click here to free download ZenUI Dialer & Contacts App.

Features of android Dialer App

  • Block calls from unidentified callers
  • Smart search to find your contact fast
  • Speed dial with a tap
  • Safeguard your private contacts
  • Your very personal phone book

You can also free download Android Scanner App for your mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Dialer App for Android?

List of Top 6 Best Dialer Apps for Your Android Mobile.

  • ExDialer-Dialer & Contacts. ExDialer is the best option because, it is very simple, lightweight, smooth and fast.
  • True phone dialer & contacts. True Phone Dialer & Contacts is the only dialer app with modern designs and themes.
  • Contacts+. Contact+ is the world-leading contact and dialer app. All in one app, contact+ is the best option.
  • Drupe. Drupe app allows you to add animated Gifs to your outgoing calls.
  • ZenUI Dialer & Contacts.  It is a powerful yet effective app that organizes your phonebook and allows you to block spam calls.
  • Dialer +. You can block annoying and unknown people according to your preferences.

What is the Dialer Android App?

Dialer application enables you to call somebody utilizing your phone. There is an assortment of dialer apps accessible in the market which give the best of their variants. Doximity Dialer is a portable application (iOS and Android) that enables you to call patients utilizing your mobile phone while showing any cellphone number of your decision on the patient’s guest ID.

What is the Best Caller Id App for Android 2020?

Top Best Free Caller ID Apps For Android

  • Truecaller: True Phone Dialer & Contacts is the only dialer app with modern designs and themes.
  • CIA: Caller Identification App (CIA) is another free caller id app which will help you to identify unknown numbers on incoming calls.
  • ExDialer. ExDialer is the best option because, it is very simple, lightweight, smooth and fast.
  • Drupe. Drupe app allows you to add animated Gifs to your outgoing calls.
  • Whoscall is the best option for caller id in android. It’s simple and fast.
  • Mr. Number: Mr. Number is good at in find caller id with a number.

What is the Best Free Call Blocker App?

8 Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android 

  • True caller
  • Call control.
  • Mr. Number
  • Call Blocker Free.
  • Hiya.
  • Norton mobile security
  • Blacklist plus.
  • CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker.

Does Google Have a Dialer App?

There is an application called Pixels. Pixel is an unreleased variant of the current Google Phone application, which implies that it will introduce as an update on the off chance that you, as of now, have Google Phone. In any case, Google Phone isn’t good with all the gadgets so that it could introduce on your telephone.

What is the Dialer Android App?

Dialer android app is a default app installed in cell phones, through which you can make a call, SMS. Here are some of the best free dialer apps.

  • TrueCaller
  • Contact+
  • Drupe.

How Do I Get My Dialer Back on My Android?

Step 1: Head to the Settings menu and then choose Apps.

Step 2: Press the gear icon in the top right-hand corner and choose Default Apps > Assist & voice input.

Step 3: Tap the Assist option and choose None from the pop-up menu.

How Do I Change My Dial Pad on My Android?

  1. Open your Phone app, tap the dialer tab (first one at the left).
  2. Tap the action overflow icon (at the bottom right corner) and tap Settings.
  3. Scroll down to section Other call settings.
  4. Check the Dial pad autocomplete checkbox.

How Do I Stop Pocket Dialing on My Android?

  1. Open up Settings.
  2. Locate and tap Security.
  3. Locate and tap the Smart lock.
  4. Enter your PIN/password/pattern.
  5. Tap On-body detection.
  6. Tap the slider to disable.

How Do I Make My Phone Say Who is Calling?

To turn this feature on, open the Settings on your iPhone and tap “phone”. In the Phone settings, tap the catch that says “announce Calls”.

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